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Marlies Schulte Marlies Schulte Marlies Schulte Marlies Schulte Marlies Schulte Marlies Schulte Marlies Schulte Marlies Schulte
  Marlies Schulte , born in 1950, in her early days felt attracted by art. Her oldest memory relating to this is a box of coloured pencils which looked like a book and was closed by a little ribbon. When opened, 48 colours were seemingly inviting her to paint. After more than 30 years of teaching languages she lives now for art only.

In her artistic development she let herself be guided by the wish to find out the secret of the things and to make it visible. When not working artistically she feels stifled, there is no other way, what is inside her wants to come out, has to be brought into the world. It will not be surprising that one of the themes she is engaged in is with nature, its rhythm of being born, flourishing, fading and dying, This last theme best illustrated by her tulip series.
Looking for possibilities to explore the relation between the visible and the imperceptible and to find a form for it she moves in different pictorial universes. Her search has led her to use diverse techniques and to experiment with others in order to find the material, the colour and the form that transmit what she feels or sees.

Her artistic sense makes her select between paper, canvas and metal as basis for her work, on which, in form and colour, she tries to find the language for the indescribable. She works in pastels, fathoms the posibilities of watercolours, explores the effect of chemical and organic substances on metal and feels especially attracted by painting with oil and egg-tempera. Recently she started using paper to create pictures and sculptures.

She combines the different techniques and the acquired variety allows her to realise her demand to go deep, to excavate from her own experience and artistic sense and to find the secret of life. To make visible what hides behind the appearance. The idea is the leading part, the technique helps to realise the idea and to be master of a work in all stages and aspects.

  Past Exhibitions  
      2022  Gordes / France  
      2021  Roussillon / France  
      2018  Sisteron / France  
      2018  Toul / France  
      2017  Digne / France  
      2017  Gordes / France  
      2017  Toul / France  
      2016  Carpentras / France  
      2014  Gordes / France  
      2014  Paris / France  
      2013  Goult / France  
      2012  Gordes / France  
      2011  Gordes / France  
      2011  Hamburg / Germany  
      2009  Roussillon / France  
      2008  Marseilles / France  
      2008  Paris / France  
      2007  Hamburg / Germany  
      2006  Avignon / France  
  The work of Marlies Schulte is impressive in its range and diversity.
From the delicate nuanced series of her Tulip studies to her more strong abstract pieces she never fails to interest and engage both eye and intellect.
Her metal work and subsequent fashioning into unique jewelry and standing pieces promise another exciting aspect to her creativity.

I recommend your spending time getting to know and appreciate this late developing artist.
  BMCT   (writer / Manchester)
  It has touched and excited me.
That is really poetry in painting or the other way round. Ut pictura poesis.
It must have been luck to have got to know such a vivid mind.
  Antonio   (philosoph / Alicante)
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