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Assorted words of Christiane Singer, illustrated with the tulips of Marlies Schulte.

 fragments_chsinger_uk.pps (690 Ko)

People of interest to me

Jean-Pierre Brazs, painter
  Projects of cultural action, scientific exhibitions, “Interventions in landscape", paintings, pictorial stories and workshops for painting techniques
Conservatory of ochres and the colour
  Conservatory of ochres and the colour is a cultural company, which offers a range of services in the field of color.
Pottery of Pierroux
  Potteries, workshops of pottery, accomodation in Roussillon/ Provence (South of France).
Observatory of the Mount Chiran and cultural life at Blieux
  Website of the association ABCDE, that is running the refuge and the observatory of the Mount Chiran in the middle Verdon and organising the cultural life of the village Blieux.
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